Tournaments2017 Texas State Championships

2017 Texas State Championships
DivisionMatchFirstLastTeamTableStart TimeRegionLeagueResultBracketMatches
SCWOT L4-3 Cindy Watson Ball Bustin' Vixens Texas 4
SCWOT L2-3 Charlene Mora Of Course I'll Have Another Texas 17
SCWOT L5-1 Beth Shriver Nite Mares Texas 3
SCWOT L3-6 Mickey M Boggs Daddy O's Girls Texas 7
SCWOT W7-1 Teresa Garland Walk In Runout Texas 1
SCWOT L3-4 Kathy Richel Hit Me With Your Best Shot Texas 9
SCWOT L4-2 Sara Bork Zero Tolerance Texas 5
SCWOT L2-9 Helen Rodriguez Diamond Divas Texas 13
SCWOT L2-5 Stephanie McClure Karma Texas 17
SCWOT L2-11 Michele Barnett Hot Shots Texas 13
SCWOT L3-5 Francine Hill Millie's Girls Texas 7
SCWOT L4-1 Rebecca Tobias GoGo Girls Texas 5
SCWOT L3-2 Priscilla Garcia Queens Bees Texas 9
SCWOT L2-12 Tina Julian Karma Again Texas 13
SCWOT L3-3 Karen Staton Lethal Ladies Texas 9
SCWOT L2-10 Vicki Wagner DNA Texas 13
SCWOT L2-1 Kim Anderson Horns and Halo Texas 17
SCWOT L3-1 Michelle Reagan 8 Ball Heat Texas 9
SCWOT W7-1 Liz Mitchell Elementals Colorado 2

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